Send & Return

Delivery time and shipping costs

We will do our utmost to deliver the order as soon as possible to you. Sometimes products are not stocked and the delivery of your order may take a little longer. If, for whatever reason, we cannot deliver in time, we will inform you as soon as possible.

For smaller packages the delivery goes through the postman or Parcel service. Generally, the delivery will take place between 9:00 and 18:00. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the moment of delivery.

Larger packages are delivered personally. For this we always contact the customer.

The prices quoted exclude shipping costs.
Through the web shop we only deliver in following countries:


Home delivery: €7,00-
Pickup Point: €6,00-
Free delivery from €75,00-


Home delivery: €10,00-
Pickup Point: €8,00-
Free delivery from €110,00-


Home delivery: €10,00-
Pickup Point: €8,00-
Free delivery from €110,00-


Home delivery: €13,00-
Pickup Point: €11,00-

United Kingdom (UK)

Home delivery: €14,00-
Pickup Point: €11,00-


Home delivery: €16,00-
Pickup Point: €12,00-


Home delivery: €17,00-
Pickup Point: €14,00-


Home delivery: €30,00-
Pickup Point: €23,00-


Home delivery: €35,00-
Pickup Point: €23,00-


Fixed price: €20,00-


Fixed price: €20,00-


Fixed price: €18,00-


Fixed price: €18,00-


Fixed price: €20,00-


Fixed price: €20,00-


Fixed price: €11,00-


Fixed price: €14,00-


Fixed price: €20,00-


Fixed price: €20,00-


Fixed price: €20,00-


Fixed price: €29,00-

Czech Republic

Fixed price: €20,00-


Fixed price: €20,00-

Can’t find your country? Be sure to contact us.
In most cases we can work something out.

What to do with damaged items

Damage had to be reported within 3 days of delivery by mailing using the subject “DAMAGE”. After this period, Royal Things cannot be held responsible for damaged packages anymore so please check your delivery ASAP for damage!

In order for us to replace the damaged goods you have to send us pictures of the damaged products as well as of the packaging. Our insurance company needs to inspect the damaged package to determine the cause of damage and to verify that proper packaging materials have been used!

Please send us an email with the following information:

  • A picture of the damaged item. In case there are several damaged items, please make sure they are all visible in one single picture. If this picture isn’t detailed enough please add one more picture with a details of the damage.
  • A picture of the damaged item in its original packaging (inner box or special material). The packaging materials needs to be visible on the picture.
  • A picture of the outer box (original parcel).
  • The date of the delivery.
  • The invoice number or order number.

Never send damaged items back to Royal Things unless a member of staff has explicitly requested this.


  1. If you buy goods or services from us, you will have for 14 days from the date of delivery or conclusion of the agreement to decide that you do not want to keep the goods. You can then return your order (in as-new condition) without payment of a fine and without need for a reason (you are responsible for all return transport and delivery costs). Within 14 days after we’ve received your returned  order or you indicated that you would like to opt out of the agreement, we will refund your full purchase price with the same payment method used at time of purchase.
  2. The direct cost of returning the goods will therefore be on your behalf. We will indicate what the cost is or make an estimate if this cannot reasonably be calculated in advance. If the goods cannot be returned by mail (large items), we will collect it from you and will not be charged.
  3. We will refund the purchase price only once we have received the returned goods or you have shown that you have returned the goods, whichever comes first.
  4. During the first 14 days after delivery, we expect you to carefully handle the order and the packaging. Thus if you think you may wish to return the goods as described above, only remove from packaging/view the items as necessary to determine if you wish to keep or return the items ordered.
  5. Shall in no case be withdrawn: used, contaminated, damaged or incomplete articles; Articles of which the packaging (or part of it) was opened; Custommade items for the customer; Articles that cannot be returned by their nature; Services agreements once the implementation has begun.
  6. The return guarantee mentioned here is in the specified capacity for individuals only. Companies can contact us for questions regarding return possibilities.
  7. To complete your right of withdrawal, both in the case of delivery of services and delivery of goods quickly and correctly, you can complete the form below and send it to Kouterstraat 21, 3071 Erps-Kwerps. We will send you a confirmation of your withdrawal by email.


(Only complete this form and return it if you wish to cancel the agreement)


To Royal Things V.O.F. (Kouterstraat 21, 3071 Erps-Kwerps):

I / We (*) share / (*) hereby inform you that I / we (*) revoke our agreement on the sale of the following goods / delivery of the following services (*)

Ordered on (*) / Received on (*)

Name / Names consumer (s)

Address Consumer (s)

Signature of consumer (s) (only when this form is submitted on paper)


(*) Cross out what is not applicable.